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About us

Watchplus is founded by Rob van den Goor. From a young age, Rob has been interested in things with lots of history and character. Throughout the years, he has collected various things including watches, classic cars and tractors, and antiques. However, watches were always the main part of the collection.

Rob has been collecting and swapping watches for more than 10 years; this led him to many people, who became contacts with the same passion. His passion for history, quality, and the pleasure of finding unique items, created the basis for Watchplus.

Watchplus offers a stunning collection of watches, mondani books, parts,  accessories. Watchplus buys and sells products in an honest and trustworthy manner. Our open communication and no-nonsense approach ensures high customer satisfaction.

Are you looking for a special watch, or an unusual watch which is not mentioned on our website? Or are you looking for a wonderful gift for a birthday, wedding, Valentine’s Day, or a special moment in your life such as the birth of a child? Do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you further! By working with our large network of collectors, we will find your perfect watch in no time!