Rolex Milgauss, Explorer, Turn-O-Graph, Yacht-Master

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Limited edition of only 2,000 copies worldwide. A big size book which shows every detail of Rolex Milgauss, Explorer I, Explorer II, Yacht-Master and Turn-O-Graph.


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This book (limited edition of only 2,000 copies) shows the work of four experts, four great enthusiasts of modern and vintage Rolex watches, who dedicated their time to study even the smallest details of these models, which are called Rolex “Professionals”.

The names of the authors are: Franca and Guido Mondani, Paolo Spinello and Gabriele Vittozzi. “Collecting Milgauss, Explorer I, Explorer II, Turn-O-Graph and Yacht-Master watches” represents a new adventure, a journey through models that no one has ever “explored” so thoroughly. Everything began in the 1950’s, when Rolex decided to use the Oyster case also with models intended for professional use. They wanted to offer watches that with their  waterproofness, resistance and precision, would satisfy the needs of athletes on one side and those of some special working categories on the other side. This is the reason why the Turn-O-Graph was created. Don’t miss the rest of the story!

All the images in this volume are exactly like collectors have always wanted them: large, beautiful and showing every little detail of all the watches!

  • Turn-O-Graph: Reminder of times past (References 1625, 6202, 6206, 6309, 6609, 16250, 16253, 16258, 16263, 16264, 116261, 116263, 116264)
  • Milgauss: the Scientist’s watch (References 1019, 6541, 6543, 116400, 116400GV)
  • Yacht-Master: the Skipper’s watch (References 16622, 16623, 16628, 116681, 116688, 116689, 168622, 168623, 168628, 169622, 169623, 169628)
  • Explorer I: the reinforced Rolex (References 1016, 5500, 5501, 5504, 5506, 5700, 5701, 6098, 6150, 6298, 6350, 6552, 6610, 14270, 114270, 214270)
  • Explorer II: the Speleologist’s watch (References 1655, 16550, 16570, 216570)

The book also provides the updated estimates of all published watches and the chronological table of production, as well as useful addresses for the collector .




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