What types of Rolex watch crystals are there ?

There are two types of crystals used by Rolex.

  • Acrylic –  Rolex used Acrylic to the 70’s / 80’s depending on the model, these crystals can scratch but are easy to polish or replace.
  • Sapphire – Rolex’s first sapphire crystal appeared  in the  70’s for some models, step by step all models did get Sapphire crystals. These crystals are scratch resistant and are difficult to be scratched by any material except diamond and minerals with a hardness rating of 10.

What bracelets are available for a Rolex watch ?

  • Oyster bracelet –  introduced in the late 1930s
  • Jubilee bracelet  – introduced in 1945
  • President bracelet – introduced in 1956
  • Pearlmaster bracelet – introduced in 1992

Exclusive bracelets

  • Integral bracelet
  • Brick bracelet

Local made bracelets – Are made in a other country to avoid import.

  • Coffee-bean bracelet – made for a period of time some bracelet where made in the USA
  • Argentinian bracelet – made for a period of time, some president bracelet were made in Argentina with stylistic changes to the buckle
  • Hecho in Mexico bracelet – made for a period of time, some president bracelets were made in Mexico and stamped as such

What different type of Rolex bezels are available ?

Fluted bezel
The fluted Rolex bezel is craft from solid gold.

Smooth bezel
The smooth bezel is craft from stainless steel, gold (yellow, white, or rose), or platinum.
Depending on the specific watch and year of production, smooth bezels can range from flat to domed

Engine-turned bezel
The Engine-turned bezel  is manufactured in a number of subtle design variations and metal options throughout the years.

Gem-Set bezel
The Gem-Set bezel typically fitted with diamonds, Rolex’s gem-set bezel has also been manufactured with other precious stones, such as the rainbow-colored sapphires

Texture bezel
Textured bezels are a category of bezels that includes a large number of atypical designs. Most commonly craft from gold, textured bezels often have their textures mirrored on the bracelets of their accompanying watches, and most frequently appear on limited, ornate iterations, or those that were manufactured as a special order. Example are Morellis,Bark,Florentine,Pyramid and Linen.

Ring Command bezel
The Ring Command bezel has a direct link between the outer bezel of the watch and the intricate movement within. Available as either a fluted bezel on the Sky-Dweller, or as a Professional bezel on the Yacht-Master II,

12 point bezel
The 12 point bezel has 12 diamonds, one at each hour marker.

24 diamonds bezel
24 diamonds bezel is a smooth bezel with 12 big diamonds and 12 smaller off set diamonds

Cartouche bezel
The cartouche bezel is only 18k with “Rolex” printed at the 6 position.

Rotating bezel
The Rotating bezel is able to turn to facilitate some sort of timing feature found on GMT, Submariner, turn-o-graph, yachtmaster

Pyramid bezel
Pyramid bezel has 2 small pyramids then 2 diamonds repeated all around the bezel.

Tachymeter bezel
Tachymeter bezel has a scale used to indicate “units per hour” on Daytona models.

Turn-o-graph bezel is a rotatable, timing bezel on “thunderbird” model DateJust.