Buy a unpolished Rolex?

“Has it ever been polished?” is a question people often ask.

If your are in the market for a vintage watch there only a handful completely factory fresh and unpolished Rolex watches out there. And it takes you a very long time to find one and if you find one you can pay a premium till 100{9c7f37c78d0428cda2145a6ffe5333476c25e854262b773cc5187daf4be10fbc} extra as you pay would for even the best polished examples out there. I thinks this is more a thing for real purists, musea, hardcore collectors or investment watches for in a save.

In general it’s important for a serious watch collector that a watch not has been badly polished or have been  overpolished. If you where a watch for 25 years even if you do that occasionaly, they pick up small scratches and little marks here and there. So if you see a 25 year old watch that is shiny then you can be pretty sure that it has been polished before.  This is not a bat thing, even Rolex polishes watches at there service.

There are few things that you need to be careful for:

Bad polishing or over polishing
The effect of over polishing is the general loss of sharp edges and crispness to the case. Whether done to deal with big marks that can’t be removed any other way or just through sheer carelessness and lack of skill, over polishing a watch will spoil it for ever and it’s effects are almost impossible to reverse.

Restored watch cases (Laser welded)
There are company’s who have utilized laser-welding technology in order to bring their beat-up watches back to factory-fresh condition.

How to check if a case has been overpolished ?

The easiest way to do this to get a book the often pictures with the best watches out there or look online for a picture of a unpolished example and compare it with the watch you want to buy.

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