How important are box & papers on a Rolex watch?

Modern watches:
Nowadays everybody knows that you should  keep box and papers. There is only a small  added value to modern watches because when you have the the box and papers. But it’s are a lot easier to sell a watch with original box and papers.

Vintage watches.
Back in the days it was very common to throw away box and papers besides that the where not made to last long. For a collector it’s very cool have all original “full set”,  but you can pay upto 25{9c7f37c78d0428cda2145a6ffe5333476c25e854262b773cc5187daf4be10fbc} extra for the box and papers. You cant wear box and papers and the box papers don’t say anything about the originality of the watch.

Decide for yourself it’s worth the premium for you, but keep in mind:

  • There are fake box papers in circulation.
  • There are original blank papers in circulation that can be filled in to “create” a full set.
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