How rolex watches got their nicknames?

  • Hulk – 116610 – SS green dial and green ceramic bezel submariner
  • Papa Smurf – 116618 – white gold submariner with the powder blue dial and bezel
  • Batman – 116710 – GMT II with the black and blue bi-color ceramic bezel
  • Kermit – 16610lv –original green bezel 50th anniversary submariner
  • Fat lady– 16760 – GMT master in red and black bezel only – nicknamed because the case is 1mm larger than its counterparts
  • Pussy galore – 6542 – GMT named for the bond girl who wore this watch during the 007 movie “Goldfinger”
  • James Bond – submariner oyster perpetual – used as a “knuckle duster” weapon in the original books – seen (models changed) in several early 007 movies and worn by Ian Flemming
  • Paul Newman – 6239 – manual wind Daytona with exotic dial – white dial with black sub dials – in the movie “winning”
  • Thunderbird – original turn-o-graph bezel – named for the Air Force Acrobatic Team
  • Steve Mcqueen – explorer II with the orange gmt hand (original style) seen on actors wrist in the movie “Le Mans”
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